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The JFilters component

What to check on 1st visit#

Alert Messages#

If you visit the JFilters component for the 1st time, you may get some alert messages. Each message, will come with a call-to-action button. Please press those buttons to finish the setup.

JFilters component warnings


The alerts should be resolved and go away, for the extension to work properly.

Generating Filters#

The component will, auto-generate the filters and set them as unpublished by default.

If your site is multilingual you may see filters with the same name, more than once. It is because it generates a filter for each installed language.

Publish Filters#

Publish the filters you need to use, and we are almost ready to go.


We suggest keeping a "Category" filter to a published or a listening state. Why? Only filters in published or listening state are listening to the incoming HTTP requests. To have filters relevant to the content of your category pages, a category filter should listen to incoming requests. Also, make sure that this "Category" filter does not have a Parent Option that excludes categories.