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Create a menu item for the results

Go to Menus select your menu and press the "New" button.

As "Menu Item Type" select JFilters > Results.


We do NOT want this menu item to be visible to the users.
Our suggestion is to either hide it using the Link Type > Display in Menu setting or put it under a menu, which is not visible in the front-end.

As Alias, we suggest setting something that is relevant to your content.
e.g. If the site (or the used filters) are about wines, you can set 'wines' as alias.

We will explain the settings under the Options tab, as the other are common settings for all the menu items in Joomla.

JFilters menu settings

Primary Filter#

If a primary filter is selected, that filter will use as an alias, that menu item's alias. That means that the urls will be shorter and more specific to the site's content.


only root filters can be used as Primary Filters.

Results Displsay#


The following settings exist also in the Smart Search's menu item, since both JFilters and the Smart Search use the same layout for showing the results.

Result Taxonomy#

Shows meta-data like: type, author, category and language to the result items.

Result Description#

Shows a short description to the result items.

Result Image#

Shows an image to the result items.

Image Class#

We can set a class to the image. E.g. float-start, float-end, to position the image.

Linked Image#

Indicates if the image is a link that leads to the result item.

Description Length#

Length of the Result Description.

Result Date#

The creation date of the result item (e.g. an article).

Result URL#

The url of the result item.

Results Sorting#

Search Results Sort Field#

The field based on which, the search results are sorted.


If there is a search query, the results are considered search results, no matter if there are filters selected.

Search Results Sort Direction#

The direction of the sorting, for the search results.

Filtering Results Sort Field#

The field based on which, the filtering results are sorted.


This setting will be taken into account, only when no search query exists.

Filtering Results Sort Direction#

The direction of the sorting, for the filtering results.