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This tab provides settings for filters that have nested options (e.g. Categories and Tags).

JFilters Filter Tree settings

Parent Option#

Sets the parent option, whose children nodes will be loaded in the filter.


This setting is useful, especially when you have long lists of options, which are semantically diverse (e.g. semantically diverse categories).

Tree Toggle State#

If the tree will be shown as expanded or collapsed.


When an option is selected, that part of the tree is expanded no matter the value in this setting.

Parent Nodes as Links#

The parent options in a tree can be links (i.e., return results) or just toggle/expand their sub-tree.

Show sub-node contents on parent node selection#

Returns the contents (and the filters) of the sub-nodes (e.g., sub-categories) when a parent node is selected.

JFilters parent categories empty Show sub-node contents on parent node selection = No

JFilters parent categories include sub-categories Show sub-node contents on parent node selection = Yes