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SEO settings for that filter.

JFilters Filter SEO settings

Append Selections in URL Component

In which url component, the selections will be appended.

Path, will append the selections in the path component.


Query, will append the selections in the query (a.k.a. parameters) component.


Max Path Levels

This setting regards the nested/tree filters. When an option is selected, defines the parent levels that will be appended in the url path.

Example of a filter that shows types of wines:

   - Wines
- Red
- Merlot
- Sovignon

Let's say that the user selects "Merlot".

With 'Max Path Levels' set to 2, the url will become:

With 'Max Path Levels' set to 3, the url will become:

Show Selections in Page Title

Updates the page's title with the filter selections.

This adds a nofollow rel attribute to the links.


To prevent Google from indexing your results page, use the noindex robots rule, in the results menu item.

Detect and Set Canonical Tag

If enabled, the component will check if there are pages with similar content and will add a canonical tag pointing to them.


Canonical tags to other pages, will be added only if those pages have search engine friendly urls.