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Provides the basic settings.

JFilters Filter Basic

Toggle State#

The toggle state of the filter.

JFilters Filter collapsed toggle state = collapsed

JFilters Filter expanded toggle state = expanded


When a user toggles a filter, the set state will be stored in his/her browser's sessionStorage and will be used across the entire website in the current session, ignoring the filter's toggle state setting.

Show Clear#

Shows a clear link when there is a selection in the filter. That link clears any selection in the filter if clicked.

Show Counter#

Shows a counter, beside each option, indicating the number of the returned results items, if selected. JFilters Filter counter

Show Counter = Show

Scrollbar After#

Sets a scrollbar when the filter exceeds certain height.


The units for the Scrollbar After setting.

JFilters Filter scrollbar

Filter with 'Scrollbar After' set to 200px